Richland Lacrosse Club is a K-12 program for boys and girls located in Richland. Go to for more information. Go Bombers!

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The focus of this jamboree is FUN, speed, and stick skills. No contact. 



REQUIRED player Waiver form download link 


Tournament Information: Divisions:

note: options gold and silver brackets may be available if number support.

3/4 - 2021/22 3rd or 4th graders - Boys and Girls teams (not coed) 

5/6 - 2021/22 5th or 6th graders - Boys and Girls teams (not coed)

7/8 - 2021/22 7rd or 8th graders - Boys and Girls teams (not coed) 

HS - 2021/22 9th to 12th graders - Coed - Teams can be boys, girls, or coed. 

Adult. -  graduated HS to 127 years of age - Coed


Format: 3v3, no goalies. All games will be a fast all-out sprint. A player is allowed to jump in front of the goal to act as a goalie when their team is on defense, but no permanent goalie position is allowed.

Number of Players: Each team shall have a minimum of three players and a maximum of five players.

Coaches: Each youth-aged team shall have an adult coach/manager. This is for the purpose of supervising youth and communicating with officials and event staff.



Fields will be the same size as a 3/4 youth field (55 yards x 30 yards). Sidelines and end lines will be marked with cones. There will be a substitution/penalty area (also marked with cones), and two team areas.

Goals will be reduced in size from regulation size.

There is no midfield line.

Game Play:

Each game will last 15 minutes, consisting of two running clock 6 minute halves and a three minute halftime. A central horn will sound the beginning of the game, halftime and the end of the game.

No timeouts. Substitutions will be allowed only on a dead ball for 3/4’s, and will be on the fly for 5/6 and up.

There will be no face off. Possession will be determined by a draw at the beginning of each half and after a goal is scored.

Gloves are optional at the youth level, and players are encouraged to wear mouth guards. No other protective gear is allowed. Any body checking or cross checking is strictly prohibited. Limited stick checking will be allowed.


NO wind up shots - only quick stick shots allowed. 

NO checking - stick checks overhand or slap checks or poke checks will be penalized. ZERO contact other than to head of the stick. All stick checks must be aimed at the head of the stick with the attempt to dislodge the ball. Any checks to the hands of the players will result in a turnover. 

One Pass required before shooting on each possession change. Referee will shout “you’re hot” to let the team know they can shoot.

Sticks - Boys and Girls short sticks only, No D-poles or goalie sticks are allowed, short sticks only.

Out of bounds - possession will be awarded to the opposite team of who touched the ball last. If the ball goes out of bounds on a shot, possession will be awarded to the team that has a player closest to where the ball goes out.

Penalties will result in a turnover.

Overtime will be sudden death, first goal to score wins. Tie breakers will be determined by: 1. Head to head record 2. Total goals against 3. Total goals scored 4. Coin flip