Richland Lacrosse Club is a K-12 program for boys and girls located in Richland. Go to for more information. Go Bombers!

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Rules in accordance with the 2019 NFHS Rule Book.

The following are the exceptions for this event:

No Team Lineups.

The coin toss and any needed Captains briefing will occur at mid field in a quick fashion. Teams will line up for face off immediately after the coin toss. Officials will look over the players during pre game. Coaches will certify to the officials that players are properly equipped.

Game Timing.

Two 20-minute running halves. 5 minute halftime. Game clock will run from a central spot with horn or other signal to let all fields know the start and end of each half. Games will start on the hour and will end 45 minutes later.

Penalty Time is kept at the fields.

To account for running time, Penalty Time will be 1.5 times normal. Officials will call the penalty using standard 30 second Technical foul and 1, 2, 3 minute Personal foul times. Timer/Scorekeepers make the following adjustments for running time: 30 second Technical foul becomes 45 seconds. 1 minute Personal foul becomes 90 seconds. 2 minute Personal foul becomes 3 minutes. 3 minute Personal foul becomes 4 minutes, 30 seconds.


Standard reasons for Officials to stop play like weather, injuries, uniforms, equipment in accordance with Rule 4.27 apply but the game clock continues to count down.

No routine stick/equipment checks

unless coaches request. However, during the game the officials can conduct a stick and equipment check if they deem it appropriate. Running time does not mean violations are ignored.


Ties are settled by Braveheart. First team to score wins.

Braveheart Rules

  • 4 Min Running Clock starts within 2 mins of the end of the game.If no one scores, game finishes as a tie.

  • Each team fields a goalie and a field player.

  • Teams defend the same goal they defended in the second half.
  • Teams must use the same goalies on the field at the end of regulation.
  • The field players face off at center.
  • Goalies must be behind the restraining line during the face-off and cannot cross midfield at any point.
  • Substitutions only permitted in the case of injury - the opponent may also substitute a player if it chooses.
  • If a team commits what would normally be a timeserving penalty: If Technical Foul – play restarts at Center X and the offending player in his defensive half of the field minimum of 5 yards away. If Personal Foul – play restarts laterally just outside the attack area and the offending player inside the attack area minimum of 5 yards away.
  • All other standard rules apply, including counts, with the exceptions previously listed.